Day 6
June 11th, 2007
Motel 6
Helena, Montana

I slept in nicely today, not rising till after 7am.  The first order of business after feet hitting the floor was pulling the curtain to check the weather.  It was still cloudy but not raining.

After watching Meet the Press I showered and got ready for Church.  The phone gave an address that looked downtown.  "Not that big a place, I'll find it."

I called Debbie, and my sister, to pass the time, and before I knew it was time to ride into downtown for church. 

The church was easy to find, I could see the steeples from the distance, and guessed correctly they were Catholic.  The skies had turned partly cloudy.  The bells were ringing when I pulled to the side parking lot.  

A young mother with 2 young boys sat in front of me.  The boys were only 3-5 years old, but I could tell they were going to grow up to be good athletes by their ruggedness and coordination.  I coached young boys for many years, and can still spot potential.  They were typical boys of such ilk.  They gave the young mother fits.  I don't think she got much out of the service because she was constantly trying to make them behave.

After church I made a quick stop at a con store near the motel for Mountain Dew and popcorn.  Back at the room I changed into running gear and knocked out 6 miles on a out a back run.  U.S. 12 has a bike lane and I took advantage of it.  I had nice run with the Rocky Mountains as a back drop.

I run not because I think it will help me live longer, I do it for the way it makes me feel TODAY.  I enjoy the challenge of training months for a single race, then go out and do your best against yourself.  If it helps me in the long run, that's good, but I do it for the present.  I like the fact I can ride across the Great Plains in 100 degree heat and think nothing of it  Cold is another matter though.

When I finished my run, I ate popcorn and clicked channels, ran a load of clothes then drifted off to sleep. 
For supper I went back to the Golden Corral.  It was easy to get to, and this time no family reunions backed up the entrance.  I ate pretty much the same stuff as the day before.  

A Harley rider found me in the corner and spoke to me-

"that your 1300 out front with Alabama plates."

"yes, that's me, on my way to the Hotel California"

"what are you doing way up here then?"

""You know I asked myself that yesterday"

"you rode yesterday?  From where?"

"yes, and from Billings"

"Oh man, I bet that sucked."


I was back at the room by dark, making notes for Day 7's ride.  I still didn't see the Concourse rider.  I was beginning to wonder if his bike was just a mirage out there.  I went ahead and made a sandwich for my box and sealed it for in the morning.

I had good off day.  My things dried out, I rested, got in some running, and recharged for the remainder of the ride to the Hotel.  I was ready to get started.

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