Day 12
June 17th, 2006
Casa Cortex
Castro Valley,

Not much to report today.  After a quiet morning, I took a short walk out Don's driveway and ran a delightful 6 miles, over brown hills and fields.  It was nice.  It felt good to run again, and upon my return I felt whole.  I was in touch with the mental part of my being on this trip, but had been lacking in the physical.

Knowing my penchant for candy, Joyce picked up a bag of Reese's pieces and I snacked on them for the next several days, before the desert killed what little I had left in Needles.

I took a shower and we made a quick run down the hill in Joyce's Lexus.  What a NICE RIDE.  Voice activated controls, back up monitor etc.  A great way to see the sites.

We stopped at a Omelet shop for brunch, and a friendly, fast talking waiter took care of us.  From there we went by one of the biggest motorcycle dealers of all time.  I think  they carry every make of Asian bike.  I took a close look at a new 06 FJR.  I like that bike, but prefer the standard model (not the electric shifter),  I picked up what I came for-Plexus.  Our last stop was a auto parts store for some Simple Green to wash the 1300.

Back at the house I spent the afternoon washing the 1300 and checking equipment.  I half thought of shipping ALL my cold weather back east.  I was going home the southern route.  Through the desert, across Texas,  and into the southeast.  Not a chance I was going to need an insulated vest, heavy or medium weight gloves, or even a sweatshirt.  It is MID JUNE!  It is NOT going to be cold in any of those places!  Might be a little cool in the north New Mexico mountains, but nothing leather gloves and a zipped up Roadcrafter can't handle.

Instead I was too lazy to go to the post office, and lugged that stuff all the way home.  Won't make that mistake again.

I washed clothes, and Don bagged on me because I just wad everything up and stuff it in the Moto Fizz.   

Ray Antasek pointed out my saddlebags were not mounted correctly.  The were on the wrong side of the tab.  I was wondering why the key was a little hard to get in.  I corrected the problem.

Ray and Hope came in to spend the night, the were spending the evening with us.

The oil level on the 1300 was perfect, as was the tire PSI.  I made sure everything was tight and where it was suppose to be for the ride back east.  I feel more comfortable on the Honda then the BMW in that regard.  I don't know much about mechanics, but I know even less on the BMW.  I just get on and ride.

When  I was finished the 1300 glistened in the sun and looked like a new bike.  I take good care of my bikes.  It bothers me when they get dirty.   With my bike clean, I went in and took a shower.

Later we took the short ride down to Los Compades for Mexican food.  Good stuff.  We met Bill Harr and his wife, who drove over from Stockton.  It was great to meet Bill, and his wife Veronica.  Bill is a long time member on the STOC forum and contributor, and one of the first members to own a 1300.  I always enjoy reading his insights.  
​The scene at Los Compadres
I ate way too much again, and pretty much wiped out the 6 mile run of earlier.  But I had fun!
Everyone came back to Freestyle's for snacks and conversation.  It was great.

I talked with Bill about his recent interest in the K 1200 GT.  " Not that I don't like the ST, but it just might be time for something different, but I dunno, we'll see."

I made a move upstairs after Veronica and Bill left, and looked over the map for the next day's ride down the coast to San Luis Obispo.  I've done that ride many times, and really didn't need a map, but I'm leaving out from the east side of the Bay, ( a first) and the routes will be a little different.

The weather will be good, and I went to sleep looking forward to the ride.  I was ready to getting back on the road.