Day 10
June 22, 2005
Oceanside, California

I was up earlier then I had to be, anxious to get on the road and enjoy the day.  You know you're in the middle of a good trip when you can't wait to get your motorcycle.

A quick check of the rear tire, I was down 1 psi from yesterday.  The plug was holding.

We backed out of Jerrol's driveway and worked our way to I-15.  We stopped to top off the tanks at the same con store as the day before.  Man, this place was busy.  A steady stream of cars kept lining up at the pumps.  We gassed and got out of there quick as we could. 

Jerrol said we needed to get north of LA before it bogged down, and needed a early start.  Jerrol took the point, and I had his back as we flew north on I-15.  I'm not really sure of the routes we took around LA, but I'll do the best I can. 

There is never really a "down time" when it comes to LA traffic, but after battling London last month I felt up to the task.  Yes, there were lots of cars, but the roadways are wide, and multi lanes.  Motorcycles are ideal weapons for LA traffic.  Fast, agile, and stealthy, they offer a lot of advantages, and we used every one of them on the ride north.  

A few times we were slowed by buildup, but split lanes and kept moving.  It kind of makes me nervous, and I won't do it if I think traffic is moving too fast.   

Traffic was a little fast, but a young lady on a crotch rocket disagreed, and came by at 60mph, splitting cars like wood.  Noway, I was going to follow her.  

Gridlock was moderate, and things went well.  We made it without a missed turn, or frozen lane shift.
With one eye on the back of Jerrol, and the other scanning for trouble far ahead, we motored on, connecting several freeways till we found ourselves north of the city.  Cause for celebration, so we exited and took a break at a large con store.  I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, using the last of my bread, and Goober pemix.  Jerrol had latte.  Still can't figure why people drink hot fluids, but no doubt, I'm in the miniscule minority of those that don't.
​100 miles, friends, motorcycles, weather, and the stalwart
of the endurance athlete and Iron Butt-Peanut Butter and
Jelly.  My private stash.  If I like ya, I might share.

We were just starting our break, when we noticed a joker on a vintage bike. (think it was Harley) I mean this bike was old, and had all kinds of custom work, that didn't look like it worked out too well.  We spoke for a minute then I asked what his story was.  He said he needed gas but had no money.  He rambled on about how he was going to fix the bike up.

"how ya reckon ya gonna do all that when ya can't even put gas in it?"

"I'll get there, just down on my luck right now."

I looked over at Jerrol and said, "tell ya what, push ya bike over to pump 6 and we'll buy ya some gas."
Jerrol said, "I got it, I'll put him 5 bucks in just for laughs."  "You sure?"  "Yeah, it ain't gonna hold more than 5 anyway
​Jerrol bought him gas, and he was so happy!
The guy pushed the old bike to the pump and pumped his 5 dollars.  Jerrol came back out, "well ya did your good deed for the day bro." 

"Yeah, I'll help a guy out when all he wants to do is ride."  About that time he turned over the bike, the straight pipes busting out with sound.  He dropped into gear, and happy as pig in fecal matter, layed rubber out the parking lot.  We were still laughing as we listened to him working the gears.  You could hear him for miles. 

"Dang brother you just made his day, he's got him some gas, and a pretty day, and he's a ridin."  "Yeah, I'm so proud of myself."

Morning break was over, and we took off through Antelope Acres.  A LEO of some kind fell in behind us, and we thought he'd never turn off.  He locked us down over 8 miles.  

We took I-5 North, for a short ride to Frazier Park where we stopped to top off the gas tanks.  Clock time was after 11, and I suggested now was a good time for lunch because we already stopped.  A Subway could be found across the street so we slipped over for a sandwich.  We were already halfway to San Luis, and as you can tell, in no hurry.

I had a 6 inch meatball, and checked a few messages.  My lunch suggestion proved to be good, about 10 Forest Service guys came in for lunch at 12:10 overwhelming the short handed staff.  Subway is slow on a good day, they don't need a crowd. 

With gas tanks and tummies taken care of, we got back on I-5 for a short ride to SR 166.  When we came through Maricopa, I saw the con store I stopped at in 2001.  On that day I was on the Cuyuma Valley Road and on my way to Phoenix, so I knew San Luis was not all that far. 
Oil wells were in the fields, a good sign Bakersfield is not far off.

I followed Jerrol to Mckittrick where we took a break just because we could.  There is not much there.  A couple of stores and a few houses.  The first store quit serving coffee hours ago, so Jerrol went across the street looking for a fix.  Same story, so he settled for a soft drink.  We went to the chairs outside to watch the cars go by on Main Street.  

At Mckittrick, SR 58 and  SR 33 intersect.  Trucks working the nearby oilfields pass through at breakneck speed.  You better check up before stepping out, or risk being taken out.

From the store across the street, a guy walked over and started talking to us.  He was talking all over the place. 
"So where are you guys going?"  He asked me,

"San Luis, then Oakland area.  But more than us, what the heck do YOU do in this town?"

"Not much as you can see."

"I mean for work."

"Oh, I'm on government disability."

"For what? Look ok to me."  I said.

"I'm Bi-polar and got released from the Marines, and now I get a check every month."
I looked over to Jerrol.  "Can he do that bro?"

"Yeah, and he wouldn't be the first."

"so you get a check every month for being bi polar?"

"Yep.  Why I live here, its CHEAP."
​Got it made in the shade in Mckittrick, California
The guy talked our ears off.  The only we could get away was to LEAVE.  When went back to the bikes he followed us.  As luck would have it a guy on cruiser pulled in.  "Hey bro got someone here we'd like for ya to meet."  We introduced them and hauled ass out on SR 58.  It was a dirty trick to pull, but sometimes its everyman for himself.

SR 58 is one of the all time great roads.  Tight curves, good elevation, long run outs, rolling hill tops that give you the roller coaster effect.  It is not to be missed if you are ever within 100 miles.   My last trip here was a west to east run, going to try it east to west today.  
​" SR 58 is one of the all time great roads. "
I can't hope to keep Jerrol in sight.  He's way too good for me.  I knew better than to even try.  I could see him leaning as we corkscrewed up the hills, the sun was catching the chrome on his bike flashing his location back to me.

A series of hills in the Carrizzo Plains are the height of fun.  Up and down we went, rolling the throttle on to get the tummy in mouth feeling.  I was too fast once, and my butt left the seat and startled me.  After the hills, we had a long, long straight, and I grabbed the throttle, I came around Jerrol about 120 and he responded.   He took the opposite lane, and we ran abreast at 130 for a short distance.  We were like kids.  
​This run out is just too tempting.  We flew across at 130
mph.  It was fun.

After taking care of the plains 58 grew even more twisty.  I was trying to keep up with Jerrol and was using too much brake.  I backed off, before doing something foolish.  SR 58 offers all the leaning you'd ever want in a day
​Don't tell anyone, but we passed this vehicle on the double
yellow, took his picture, and returned to the road before he
 could catch us.

A inviting local road sprouts off SR 58, on a whim we took it because it looked fun.  Another fun road, but it was too narrow for any hooligan riding.  A couple of cars came at us hogging most of the lane, and we had no choice but to yield.  
​ "A inviting local road sprouts off SR 58"
Brown hills capped the landscape, and the road surface was good.  Somehow we found SR 41 and went to the 101 for final approach into San Luis.  The last 100 miles were great.
The proverbial house on the hill.  Found near SR 58, note
the sign.  I leaned hundred of curves just like it, on this day

In  San Luis, I took the point because I knew where to find the Motel 6.  The city has a north unit and a south.  They are easy to get confused.   I knew which was which, but I still messed up when we took the exit.  It was the correct exit, but the service road is confusing.  I thought I was on the way to the motel, but instead we went back to the 101.  We had to ride a few miles to the next exit, and double back.  On the second attempt we knew which way to go, and eased on down.  

Don and Joyce had just arrived .  It was good to see Free and his gracious wife.  Really good folks, they know I love them.  MartinB and AlanT were also on the scene, and we had a reunion of sorts.  

We lingered around the parking lot kicking tires and rejoiced at being reunited.  Nothing lifts my spirits more after a long cross country ride then being with old friends.

It took awhile to get settled in, but when everything was in order I went for a 4 mile run back into town.  The cool weather of the coast felt good, and I ran well.  

Margie's Diner was the supper venue and it was great.  Lots of good food and service.  One of the servers took Jerrol's spot while he took the picture below
​Sometimes, its not just about the riding.  Margie's Diner
San Luis Obispo.  

I challenged Jerrol to order a chocolate shake.   At the start he declined, but 30 minutes later he slipped away and gave in to temptation.  Next thing we know, they are bringing one out.  His only remark?  "What can I say? You challenged me."   

The evening was drawing to a close, so we made the short walk back to the rooms.  I said good night and went in to watch TV.  I noticed I still had no peanut butter, so I fired up the ST to make the short ride to the con store.  At the first stop, the store didn't stock it.  "What the heck, this ain't the UK, whada ya mean ya don't have PEANUT BUTTER?" 

" I dunno what the UK has to do with it, but no we don't."  Pissed off I went one block further, and found a jar of Skippy.  I paid way too much for it, but I didn't care.  Now, I can make a sandwich in the morning.  

After putting a few notes in the Axim, I went to bed looking forward to the Pacific Coast Highway and Big Sur.