Day 13
June 17th, 2004
Redwood City, California

I slept late again today, and when I woke up I decided to wash the Roadcrafter.  I was going to be off the bike for next few days, so it would have plenty of time to dry.  With the Roadcrafter in the washer, I took the car down to the auto parts store for 5 quarts of 20-50 Castrol syntech blend.  I did not change oil on previous west coast rides because total mileage came in about 7,000.  I was already over 6, so did the prudent thing.

I was still itching like crazy, and yet to pick up something for it.

For the trip west, I used 10-40.  I anticipated cooler temps because of my high northern route and I was right.  Thinner oil was definitely the way to go.  The trip back east would be different.  After a day crossing the Sierras, I traverse the heart of the Nevada desert, after which things would cool off in the Colorado Mountains, but heat back up in the Great Plains and the hot and humid southeast.  With that in mind, I went to thicker oil.

Returning home I got pissed off at Dennis.  I couldn't find his oil filter wrench anywhere.  I had everything else; pan, towels, sockets, and place to put the oil for recycle.  Now where'd that joker hide the filter wrench?  It was not in any of the logical places.  I gave up and returned to the AutoZone and BOUGHT a wrench.  So quit laughing brother, paybacks are hell.
​There are many things you can do to make your bike more comfortable or faster, but one of the best ways to help it last longer is frequent oil changes.
I changed the oil and checked on the Roadcrafter I left hanging in a tree.  Dry as a bone in 2 hours.  Back in the water like air of Alabama it takes DAYS for the Roadcrafter to dry.

I gathered my belongings and was calling Enterprise for a car.  Norma, God bless her, insisted I use her car.  She would not take no for an answer.  I loaded the trunk and moved to the Comfort Inn.  I picked up 2 rooms.  I thought about the 3 of us sharing a room, but when I pictured Chris in a room with Debbie and I, a 2nd was the ONLY way to go.  

With that taken care off I watched TV and waited for time to leave for the Oakland airport.  They were due in around 8 something. 

The trip to the airport was without incident.  I'm getting good at navigating the Bay Area.  Their plane was only a little late, and I was waiting there to greet them when they exited the secured gate area.  

Hugs and kisses went all around, it was good to have them with me.  I liked the fact all of us were in ONE place again.  

This was my son's first visit to the Hotel California, he was excited.  He has a few weeks off before he starts his new job with Progressive.

Back over the San Mateo into Redwood.  We stopped at a Jack in the Box for a quick bite.  Chris had never seen one.  

We also stopped at Rite Aid for some snacks and lotion for my rash. YEAH.
Debbie has a tender touch when applying calamine lotion.

Another good day.