Day 11
June 15th, 2004
Redwood City, California

Like I promised myself, I slept late today.  I opened the guest room door around 9 and shuffled in the kitchen.  Tommy was off to school and Norma was on the phone.  

Yesterday, I noticed a rash on my left leg, and left elbow.  I'd been itching for several days and thought it was mosquito bites.  But on closer inspection I could see the signs of poison ivy or something similar.  In all of my 48 years I've never had poison anything.  My left leg was warm to touch and red splotches were apparent, joined by tiny blisters.  I was itching like CRAZY.  I'll have to get something for it to try to bring it under control before leaving out.

I told Norma I was going to wash my bike.  I went out to the garage and pushed the rain soaked, bug juiced, and dusty 1300 to the driveway.  It was a mess.

All the stuff needed was just where Dennis had left it.  His bucket, sponges, and towels were right there.  He was always so organized.  Washing my bike with his stuff just like we use to, was almost overwhelming.  I was sad.  Norma had sold his ST just a week prior to my arrival, and I was glad it was not here, I probably couldn't have taken it.  I'm just a sentimental old fool I guess.

It took a lot of scrubbing to get the pearl blue 1300 looking like a super sport tourer again.  It shined and glistened in the sun after being freed from almost 6,000 miles of grime.

After washing my bike I took Norma to the Canyon Inn for a hamburger, when we finished that we went by the Jiffy Lube place to have the oil changed in the car.  

Everywhere we went people were talking about the heat wave in Redwood.  With temps in the 90s, the climate controlled folks of Redwood were dropping like flies.  Ambulances were tearing up and down El Camnio Real.

We returned home and a short while later Tommy came home from school .  I drove Tommy down to the 7-11 for ice cream.  Tommy is 15 now, and doing the things teen- agers do.  He has lots of friends.  Along the way we spoke about Dennis, and his preparation for the upcoming football season.  He showed me his high school and a few other places around Redwood.  

We spent a quiet evening at home.  Norma had company (sister) so Tommy and I watched TV.  I web surfed and then retired to my room.  I told Norma I was riding down to Big Sur in the morning.  I knew the way, but checked over the map anyway. 
I went to bed scratching, what ever it is was getting worse.  I forgot to pick up something to rub on it.  I'll try to remember to tomorrow.