Day 5
June 8th, 2003
Phoenix, Arizona

I slept late this morning, and it felt good.  I pulled out of bed at 9:30am.

PJ was gettting ready to meet her boyfriend, and they were going to spend the day together.  She told me I had the run of the place, and to make myself at home.

I sorted my clothes, and ran a load of laundry.  I still haven't figured out a way to transport soiled clothes across the country.  Up until now, the best way just seems to be a plastic bag stuck way down in your duffel.

I started checking the bike and my equipment.  Oil and other fluids were all ok, including the all important radiator fluid.  I noticed a hole in my light weight textile glove.  I had a gap in a finger and the palm was beginning to become unstitched.  They will have to be replaced.  I have the phoenix gloves for hot weather, but in really hot weather I still prefer a mostly textile glove.  The Rocket lytespeed gloves hane served me well for many miles, and will look for the same to replace them.

I went online looking for a Joe Rocket dealer and found one, not too far away.  PJ and her boyfriend drove me over, but when I arrived I found out Rocket had phased out the lytespeed gloves.  Disappointed, I bought a pair of red and white Fox gloves.  They are basically a dirt riding glove, with minimum protection for street use.  The Foxes are textile with leather palms, and ballistic backhands.   The glove was just like the lytespeeds, as far as protection and comfort go.  

We went by Wal Mart and I picked up a few items, most notably the new James Bond DVD.

They dropped me off at the condo, and continued their day.  I spent the reminder of the afternoon online.  I responded to a long list of emails, set up a payment for my cell phone bill, and tried to check the ST bbs, but the site was down.

I cleaned up some unanswered voice mails, and left a few myself.  

With nothing else to do, I took a nap.  It was well over a hundred degrees outside.  Yeah, but it was a dry heat as they say.

PJ was back when I woke up, and I told her I wanted to take them out for Mexican tonight.

I took out my atlas and jotted down the routes for tomorrows ride to the Grand Canyon.  I have a short ride tomorrow, and the next few days.  I'm looking forward to meeting old friends, and making a few new ones.
Supper was a excellent Mexican cantina whose name I forgot.  I had 2 enchiladas and rice, and lots of coke.  I've been thirsty for 2 days for some reason.

I listened to the table next to us.  They were talking about the Phoenix heat.  I wanted to lean over and say, "This is Phoenix, a desert and it's summer time, of course its gonna be hot."  I wonder why folks lose sight of that?

When we made it back to the condo I packed a few things.  I wanted a early start in the morning, to beat the rush hour, and to get out of the valley before the heat builds. 

I went to bed early looking forward to getting back on the road tomorrow.