Day 8
April 15th, 2002
Gadsden, Alabama

I slept kind of late, and got up around 8am.  I spent some time with my sister, then I told her I was anxious to get home, and was ready to go.

I loaded the ST and was idling out the driveway at 9am.  I will be home at 11:15am.  I have made this ride 100s of times.  

I stop at the Chevron Station on Rainbow Drive and fill the tank.  

The morning is cloudy, humid and warm, but radar indicated no rain was in the area.  The hills have clouds around the peaks.  Common on humid days.

I ride non stop home on the familiar back roads of Alabama.  Home through Pell City, Vincent, Harpersville, and Wilsonville, before picking up I-65 north of Clanton for the final 35 miles.

It was a nice quiet ride.  A good time for reflecting and sorting the memories of the trip just completed.

I pulled in my driveway, and down to my garage at 11:10am, having covered 125 miles for the day, and 2022 miles for the trip.  A great ride and a fine way to spend 8 days.


I spent the next day sorting my mail, and dropping my pictures off my for developing. 
I washed the ST and cleaned it up on Wednesday.  The PIAA light I thought would burn out somewhere in Virginia, is still going strong.

I began work on this journal the day after my return.

I took a 60 mile ride 40 hours after my return, because I was bored and needed to ride.

I went to the oral surgeon on Thursday and had 4 wisdom teeth removed (ugh).  I'm still hurting.  I was correct in putting it off till I returned.

I am scheduling to take the ST in for routine maintenance soon.

My attention is now turned full on the upcoming West Coast trip, in just 2 short months I will be on the road again.  Thanks, and y'all keep riding safe.