Trip Journals


​Welcome to the BamaRider Trip Journals.  The following links tell the stories of riding North America- of  stunning coastlines, majestic mountains, lonely deserts, and solitary rides across the Great Plains.  Ride with me as we visit historical landmarks, lean the most famous motorcycle roads on the continent, and meet  people that make this country work.

​All my tours are on the backroads of America, through small towns, villages and hamlets.  Eating in local diners, and camping in some of the most beautiful sites in North America.  Along the way I've been lost, battled fierce weather, felt the heat of the Mojave in June, and the chill of a early winter in New England.  For sure some tours were better than others, but none of them were bad. 

​I'm proud I've captured this chapter of my life in such rich detail.  I will have these memories for the rest of my life.  It is a humble feeling to know I did all this, 99% all by myself.  The life experience captured in these pages and images have profoundly affected me.  I'm happy to share them.

​It is here I come to relive my days on the roads, and everytime I click on a day to read and view the pictures, the memories and experiences wash over me.  I don't know how many years I will be able to do this, but that's ok, I've done more than I ever thought I would when it comes to riding motorcycles and touring America.  I give thanks to my Creator who has watched over me all these many miles, I've not had a single incident in a half million miles of riding the last 15 years.

​I thank my many friends, who helped me, especially in the early years.  They know who they are.

​For new visitors, BamaRider is under going transition.  It has been online since 2001.  The trip journals back date over a decade, and must be migrated from the old software to the new.  I have to cut and paste hundreds of pages and images.  I did my best to  avoid having to do it this way, but after consulting with several IT guys in out of the web host's realm, it was determined if I wanted to put all of BamaRider into one site, it was the only way.  Hey, all I have is time right?  The process will take several months, but I'll get it done.


 A Journey to the Past.  Retracing the first tour from 1973

Southwest Tour-  Touring the Colorado Rockies and Utha Canyons


Southwest Tour-8 days, 3,800 miles, 13 states.  Monument Valley, Rocky Mountains.


Midwest Tour- Rocky Mountain National Park, South Dakota Badlands NP.  Over 3000 miles


Fall Tour 2013- Indiana Fields, Kentucky Hills, Blue Ridge Mountains




20 09


  The Texas Tour.  Riding the Hill Country, Coast, and Big Bend Park.  8 days, 3400 miles

West Coast Tour 2007.  Crater Lake, Monument Valley, Montana and Colorado Mountains, California.  8,000 miles and 19 days


West Coast Tour 2006.  17 states, 7600 miles.  Montana, California, Historic Route 66.  Great Ride

Fall ride in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  5 days, 1500 miles


 The UK Ride.  Eight day tour of Scotland and England. Fabulous riding and fellowship..


The Southland Tour 2004.  New Orleans, Charleston, North Carolina Outer Banks, Florida Panhandle, Tennessee hills.  Eight days 3,000 miles

The Fall Tour 2004.  A trip through the Appalachians in glorious fall color.  Ten days, 3000 miles and 10 states.

  West Coast Tour 2004.  Western Canada, California.  Pl enty of mountains, desert, and sport riding.  9,000 miles and 21 days. The biggest and longest tour to date.


West Coast 2003- Texas Hill Country, Grand Canyon, Zion, The Sierra Mountains, Idaho, and South Dakota.  Over 7,800 miles and 17 day

New England 2003- Touring the Ohio Valley and New England in a spectacular fall season.  Ten days and 4,000 miles.


​Canada -Touring New England and Nova Scotia