Day 6
February 9th, 2008
Majestic Sun Condos
Destin, Florida

The smell of bacon, grits, and biscuits seeped through high rise condo and found its way to the bedroom, tantalizing my senses.  "Dang that smells good," so I pulled the blanket back and got out of bed about 8:30am.  It felt good to sleep in, and not have to be anywhere, after 5 days of on the road.

I eased on down the hall to the kitchen and day room.  I'm not much of a breakfast eater, but every once in while, YES.  "Dang baby that smells good."  "I thought we'd eat this, so when we get back from Mass, when can go straight to the beach and lay out."  "Sounds good to me."

A few minutes later, Chris came staggering in.  "Dang son, looks like someone beat ya this morning."  "Oh man I slept hard."  "So what time did ya get in last night?"  "I dunno about 1:30?"

We at breakfast, cleaned up and went to Mass at Resurrection Catholic Church about 2 minutes down the road.  Mass started at 10:30am.  We enjoy Mass at Resurrection, and feel at home there, we spend a lot of time in Destin and it feels like a second parish to us.

The church was standing room only and I told Chris, good thing we got here a little early, and this is only February, think what it must be like in June at the height of tourist season."  I'd say half of the attendance is consistently tourists.

After church we went back to the condo. For some reason the 3 of the 4 elevators would not go to the 11th floor.  No matter how many times you pressed the button, it would never light up.  You had to press 10 and take the stairs the rest of the way.  It became annoying.

Debbie said, I'm going down to the beach, y'all can do what ya wanna do."  "Ok, I think I'm going down to the bookstore, I'll meet ya down there in a couple of hours."  Chris was just gonna watch tv, he was enjoying the idea he didn't have to do anything.
​Looking down at U.S. 98 as it passes in below our condo.
The Accord was parked near the RT in the deck so I went over to check it.  Mostly to see if my rear tire was still up.  It was.  "Nothing wrong with that tire."

I drove down to Books A Million and hung out.  I read the magazines and browsed the books.  I did buy a new dictionary and thesaurus for my office.

I came back to the condo, changed into my beach clothes and went down to the water.  I love to nap on the beach.  The water was too cold for ME to swim, but Yankees from up north paid the 60 degree water no mind.  "I don't know how they do that," said Debbie.  "Look baby, one time a long time ago I tired to swim at Jones Beach up in New York.  It was June and that water was only 60 degrees, to those folks it feels normal."

The sound of the Gulf washing in, and the warm sun on my back felt good, and before long I drifted off to sleep and had a nice nap.  About 3 pm Chris came down to tell us good bye.  He had to get back to Mobile, and get ready for the office on Monday.  "I had a good time, but I need to get back."  "Ok, be careful, I'll talk to ya later ok?"  It is hard to believe he is 28 years old, seems like only last week, he was running up and down this beach and building sand castles.
​Chris came down to the beach to tell me good bye before
heading back to Mobile.

I layed back down and snoozed another 30 minutes.  "Man what a great trip this has been. Good riding, weather, mixed in with family time."  "Debbie started gathering her things, "I'm going up and get ready for tonight, where ya wanna eat?"  "I dunno, ideas?"  "Why don't we go down to the Carrabas Italian?"  "Good choice, I love the pizza and pasta there.  Look I'm gonna lay here for another 30 minutes, then get on the treadmill, probably be about 7 before I'm ready to eat."  "Ok, but don't stay down too long."

The beach was quiet now, most everyone was working their way back inside.  The breeze was cool so I slipped my shirt back on.  I stayed out another 20 minutes and went in.  I find the beach this time of day very relaxing.
Once again the annoying elevator failed to take me to the 11th floor, and I had to do the shuffle the last story.  "Man, this sucks, they need to get this fixed."

I changed in my running stuff and knocked out another 4 miles in the excellent fitness room. The sun slipped away around mile 3 and I watched 60 Minutes in between.  Finished with that I took a nice long shower and then headed out to Carrabas.

After walking down to the 10th floor we got on the elevator and went to the lobby, a man was standing there with a phone.  "Hey, my friends are stuck on the 11th floor!"  "Dang I knew that was gonna happen, those things have been acting funny all weekend."  The man called 911 and advised the situation.  It took way too long to get the point across to the dispatcher.  She wanted all kinds of information, and had trouble understanding the guy on the phone, for reasons I don't know.  We left and went about our business.

On the way to the car I made a slight detour to check the RT again.  "Can't you leave that thing alone for a day?  I'm sure it's doing just fine."  "Ahh baby sometimes you just have to go look at em'.  Jokers like me don't like to be too far away from our bikes."

The food was excellent at Carrabas.  Nothing like pizza out of a brick oven.  Debbie and I had a nice meal.  I got a text from Chris he was back in Mobile.  We were both in the tank about football season being over.  After supper we stopped by the store and I bought a pint of Mayfield Birthday Cake ice cream.

"I wonder if these elevators are fixed?"  I quipped over to Debbie as I hit the button.  It would still only take us to the 10th floor.  We made sure to stay away from the one that was stuck earlier.

Once again I cracked the door for a little fresh air and to hear the sounds of the beach.  We were prone on the couch watching the TV but retired to bed after only 30 minutes.  We both wished we could stay another night, but we had to be back in Prattville the next day.  I was looking forward to getting back on the road, for a little more riding.