The Fall Tour 2006​​

                         Autumn in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Welcome to this years story of my annual fall ride.  For the last 6 years, I've taken to the roads to enjoy this magical, but short window of beauty in the American East.  Over the years and miles I've experienced fall in New England, the Heartland, the Upper Midwest, and the Southeast. 

This year's ride was somewhat of an abbreviated version.  I usually take a week to 10 days to do my fall ride, but this time I had a high school class reunion the weekend before the Blue Ridge Gathering, and I was not able to get away to mid week.  Because I had to be in the Blue Ridge by Thursday, I didn't have time to venture out.
My plan was to leave the mountains and ride, but the front tire I thought would last another 2k quickly evaporated, and to be honest I was tired of the cold, and wanted to head back to warm Alabama, so I broke for home when the rally wrapped up.

As the years go by, I find I'm much less cold tolerate then even just a few years ago. When the temp dips into the 40s I really struggle and don't enjoy riding.  Not heated grips, vests, and insulated liners seem to help.
Depending the location, the Blue Ridge was ablaze in color.  In the higher elevations, and on the backside of the mountains where the sun only shines a few hours of the day, it was spectacular.  Other areas had color, but not to that extent.

The trip covered 5 days, and the riding was excellent.  I had a really good ride from my sister's home in North Alabama to the campground, on day 2.

I met many of my old friends at the campground and had the good fortune to hook with several new faces.  We had a good time riding and socializing.  We left a lot of money at the Jukebox Junction Soda Shop.

Weather was typical for this time of year.  A cold snap had eased down from the north and temps plummeted into the high 20s at night, but during the day the sun's warm rays bounced the temps back into the 50s.  

I have come to love the Blue Ridge Mountains, and all the great riding it offers.  It truly is one of the best places in the country for riding and scenery.  My touring season would not be complete if I did not make the fall ride.  I look forward to seeing my friends again, and taking one of my motorcycles for one last long ride before winter and the holidays set in.

2006 was a mixed bag for me.  I missed my usual late summer East Coast Ride, so the Fall Ride was more special than usual.  I managed 3 tours this year, Friendstoc, the West Coast, and the Fall Ride, so I was still able to ride a lot of miles this season.

It was a short tour but a lot of events took place, so get your gloves and coats out and experience a great ride and tour in one of the most beautiful happenings in the country- Fall in the Blue Ridge.

Guy -October 2006