​​​Canada 2002
​​​                                               A  Northern Exposure 
A Rider's Journal of Northern Discovery


August of 2002 found me on my second long tour in 2 months.  This time I rode north, to visit old friends, and to spend more time in a place special to me.  My grandparents (father side) came from Quebec, and returning to my family roots was fun.

My first trip to Canada came in October 2001,  Click here for that story.  I vowed to return when it was warm, so I could spend more time exploring and visiting the folks.

This tour first took me deep into the Appalachians, through West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York.  Excellent riding, and I met some great people along the way.  The northbound leg, and Canadian portion of this trip were relaxed easy riding days, along back roads and coastal highways.  I passed through thousands of villages and mountain hamlets.  I ate in diners and spoke to fisherman.  I found out many things about my fellow Americans to the north, that before were a mystery to me.

I rode the coastal highways of the Gaspe Peninsula, the mind blowing Cabot Trail, the twisty and curvy mountain roads of West Virginia, Pa, and New York.  I also spent time in inland Nova Scotia escaping the touristy coast for a day.  I ferried back over from the island into Bar Harbor, Maine.  From there it was south to Rhode Island riding New England back roads through tidy hamlets, all the while never far from the water.
I spent 2 nights in Rhode Island with the Red Knights, leaving there, I rode into New York City to pay my respects to Ground Zero.  A moving, thought provoking experience.

I stopped to visit my favorite uncle, then closed out the tour with a butt numbing 990 mile, 16 hour ride home. 
As in the past this journal is not just a record of my trip, but also my personal thoughts and ideas that occurred along the way. Every trip changes me in some inkling of a way.  Inside this journal you will not find great prose, or poetry, just the words of guy that likes to ride and discover things.  The experiences I write about, will probably not do much to alter things in our world, but they are mine, and that makes them special to me.  I am happy to share them with you. 

If you have any comments good or bad, be sure to drop me a line.

Y'all ride safe.

August 27th, 2002