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                                    Canada and Back
A Fall Extravaganza 

Fall.  Something about fall makes me want to ride.  Summers are long and hot in South Alabama, and falls are short and quick.  If you want to enjoy an Alabama autumn, you better ride fast.  We do have color-sometimes.  It can still be hot here in October and early November, and the results are dry, brown and wilted leaves.  I wanted to experience a true fall season, where color and cold wind are common.  Such a place exits in Eastern Canada and New England.

A few weeks after the Hotel California run, I began planning this trip.  Several members of the Toronto Honda family invited me to come by while in the area.  I took them up on their gracious offer, and set the wheels in motion.

The tour was divided into 3 legs.  The northbound Upper Michigan Peninsula to Sault St. Marie excursion.  The eastbound leg carried us to Maine, through Toronto, and the heart of New England.  The 3rd leg was the southbound jaunt home from Connecticut.

Phil Derryberry, of Nashville contacted me while still in the planning stages, and asked to sign on.  Uncle Phil is one of the few folks I can ride with for any distance, and I was in the mood for company, so we had a duo.  Many of the pictures in this journal, are his products.  He is a much better photo bug then I. 

Highlights of this tour were the Mackinaw Bridge, the colorful leaves, the Maine Coast, and the ST rally in North Carolina.  It was also great meeting and making good friends, with the folks from the Toronto area .  Great people.  The images of a New England fall are endearing, they stamp your mind like a printing press.  I absolutely love New England at the change of seasons, and plan to go back.

We encountered cold, wet weather in Canada, but survived.  

So many good memories when I read the pages of this journal.  I hope you enjoy the ride.

December 2, 2002

Day 1- Meeting Phil in Nashville

Day 2- North to Indiana

Day 3-Indiana to Michigan, crossing the Mackinaw Bridge

Day 4- Upper Peninsula to Toronto

Day 5- Toronto to Mark and Carries cabin

Day 6- On to Ottawa

Day 7- Ottawa to Vermont, snow in NY

Day 8- Vermont to Maine, fall color and great weather

Day 9- Maine to Connecticut

Day 10-Connecticut to Virginia, trouble in Pa.

Day 11- Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway.  D-Day Memorial

Day 12- The foggy Blue Ridge Parkway ride to North Carolina

Day 13- Western North Carolina and the ST Rally

Day 14- Home through Ga.