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   Tips on Technique and Equipment-Update 2008

I started this life chapter and web site in the fall of 2001, well actually it was December 2000, the time I bought a brand new Honda 2001 ST 1100, and forever changed my life.  Over the years and miles, I've come to polish and improve my touring and riding style.  I'm often asked for suggestions and info about the equipment I use and my philosophy.  I'm happy to share those thoughts here, but remember these are just my ideas and suggestions, they are not gospel.  What works for me, might not for you, or the next guy, having said that, I realize my vast experiences on the road, on different motorcycles, using a plethora of equipment, places me in a special position to help someone just starting out, or another looking for something different.

When I started out I did the same.  I looked for advice from the guys who had done it, and those still doing it.  The insight they provided was most useful.  I incorporated the ideas I thought were best, some I altered, and still others I dismissed, because they didn't work for me.  My riding is still evolving, I may drop something this year only to come back to it later, or I might do something I thought I'd never do.  It just depends.

You can never stop learning and picking up new ideas, as much as I've done this I still pick up pearls of wisdom and tactics from others.  These items could be something about equipment, philosophy, or even ideas for a ride.

The information below will give you some insight into the equipment I find useful, and I will also pass along thoughts about riding in general.

The Ride-  The BamaRider philosophy on the method of the Long Ride, and tips on healthy riding and attitude.

The Sport Touring Bike- When it come to motorcycles I'm a sport touring guy.  Here's why.

Riding Gear-  All about coats, pants, helmets, and gloves.  What I use and recommend

Luggage and Packing-  Luggage for the long ride, what I bring, and how I pack it.

Dealing with Flat Tires- strategy, tools needed, thoughts on riding plugged tires

Miscellaneous-  Cameras, videocams, PDA's, Cell phones and other gadgets that make long distance riding a little more complete.

GPS-   The ins and outs GPS.  The make and model I use and why, and how I incorporate it in my riding.

Camping - Tents, sleeping bags, pads, and campgrounds.

Avoiding Speeding tickets- Some tips and thoughts on how to have a little fun and keep your license.

Trip Planning-  The inside scope on how I plan a cross country ride.

The Lifestyle- Thoughts on life, relationships, and fulfillment.






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