2017 Honda CB 1100 EX

2017 Honda CB 1100

1979 Honda CBX 1100

​update 5-19-17:​   As you see in the photos above, the 2017 CB 1100 EX is a direct descendent of the famous CBX.  Until I saw the CB 1100, I thought it to be the most visually appealing motorcycle ever made.  But the new CB 1100 has made it #2.  You can see how much Honda has put into making the CB 1100 and worthy bike to be called CB.  It is vintage all the way- from its classic lines, down to the strap across the rear seat.  A trademark of the 1970s CBs.  The new CB one ups the 79 CBX with its chrome and spoke wheels and fenders.   The EXs polished engine casings and lower blacked out engine make a good contrast. Dual chrome rear shocks and and chromed chain guard are nice touches, that make a old guy like me swoon.

​Most modern bikes do nothing for me in the looks department.  My 3 sport touring bikes are the nearest to UJMs till recently, maybe that was why I was drawn to them so early?  The dealer recently advised me I'm still looking at a mid June delivery date. 

I recently placed a deposit down on a 2017 Honda CB 1100 EX.  Yes, it is a retro styled bike, vintage 1970s.   Delivery date May 2017.​

​I have always longed for a Honda CB from the 1970s, such as the CB 750, but good units are hard to find and I didn't want to take on a project bike.  When I saw this bike I knew I had to have it.  The Honda CBs speak to me.  In the 1970s I owned a CB 175 and a CB 350F.  My brother had a CB 350 twin, and my dad a 1974 CB 750.  A friend owned a 1979 CBX (red) and I believe it to be the greatest looking bike ever built.  The new CB 1100 looks very much like it with its twin upswept mufflers, chrome and spoke wheels, polished casings, dual rear shocks and downtubes for the frame.  All characteristics of the 1970s Honda CBs

​The CB 1100 is a simple design.  Nothing fancy offered, none asked.  Void of electric winshields, panniers, ESA, heated seats and grips, shaft drive and radiator, instead it offers a comfortable seating position, classic lines, and outstanding craftmanship.  No, I wouldn't ride it cross country, but I'd love to strap a lone duffel bag on the seat and go ride for a couple of days.   Ride a easy 300 miles, call it a day, go eat a steak for supper.

​The bike does offer modern essentials such as ABS, 6 speeds, power clutch, and advanced instrumentation including gear indicator.  I doubt it will lean as well as my sport touring bikes, but that's ok.  

​All Honda CBs of that era have/had a unique feel and style, no matter the size.  From my 175 to the 750 all were true CBs at the core.  This 1100, spawned in the factory that once produced (the CBs had a special factory and design team) the CBX, the EX will now inherit that legacy.  In my eye, modern sport and UJM bikes look like something from a Transformer movie.  I can't take it their so heinous, but maybe I'm just a old guy now.  I don't know how long Honda will produce the 1100, probably just a few years.  Why I'm glad I got mine.

​The CB 1100 is nothing like my 3 sport tourers, but will compliment them nicely.  I'll ride the CB around town or out in the  country when the mood strikes me.  It is light, uncomplicated, easy to ride, and just looks cool.

​I look foward posting more about the bike when I actually ride and spend time on it.  Can't get here fast enough.

​Here you have a 2017 Honda CB 500F.  The current UJM, offered in various forms by Japan.  What is that?  I can't imagine riding it for 10 minutes, never mind a day ride.   I'm sure it is lightening fast, and leans like nobody's business, but what else?

​I'm not going to take the 500F out for a 80 mile ride on one of my favorite loops, it hurts my back just looking at it.

​I know I'm in the minority, I'm a old guy brought up riding in a different time.  This is what sells and Honda has responded, I'm just happy they didn't forget guys like me. 
The BamaRider garage anxioiusly awaits its newest member.
​I plan to park it next to the FJR.  Note the racks on the wall.  Where I store my gear-gloves, helmet, Klim riding gear, plexus and stuff to wash and maintain my bikes.  My camping is kept on the long wall in rubber maid storage boxes in front of the RT.   Ready for the next long ride.